Contribution to a contest requesting customer experience of MaxxMotion fuel. I did not win 🙁


Only Motion is Victorious! It’s the power and the will to get from here to there, truly anywhere! And the further you want it to go, your machine will ask for more.. more of liquid black to turn to flame, burn and turn your dreams to fame! As all that’s ever to be real is driven by Emotion, energy in motion.. don’t ever turn your back to your Car, your Ride, your Automobile – they’re the ones to make you feel.. feel every rush and breeze and bump of your Life’s romp. So, give your all, your max.. set the course, wheel in grasp.. at your will, push of foot, it will fly, let loose – will roar it’s benzene song, you’ll be carried far and long! So pour it only best, the most, the Maxx – you never will be last!

MaxxMotion – fuel of your emotion.