Don’t wait for the Black

Written in the hospital, summer 2017


Don’t wait for the Black



Are you waiting for the Black?

For the Sun to pass it’s crown?


Do you think your small light’s glow,

is all you need to show, to tell,

how to climb this life’s well,

while all waters drip and pour,

out of aeon’s tearful pool.

There’s no Black, no way back,

all you’ve seen is all you’ll ever dream.


So take all our Sun’s rays,

to bring into your Night’s reign, partake of golden rain.


Take your reds off blood and rose,

orange where your friendship grows,

grab the yellows of the brightest gold,

let the green of greens feed your Soul.

Make blue be – high Sky, deep Sea.

and in purple sunset have them meet.



All of these may make the white of your life’s take.

So when the black does come, it will be letters of a loving Son.

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