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Spirited Away

    Spirited away   Nidhoggr!.. yell I, biking my way across the road beset by forests and fields.. my night way to the city. In my mind more a lovable pig than the malicious serpent of legend, the yell is of giddy excitement, splashing through the shallows of twilight thought. There is in fact…

Lihina Peta

Lihina Peta *Teta Justi Odgovarja* Vprašanje: Pozdravljena teta Justi! Moje ime je Liha, imam pa sledeč problem: moje pete! Vse na meni je praktično popolno – sem super športnica, brez konkurence, tudi v šoli imam same petke. Na fejsbuku imam 2391 frendov in moj YouTube kanal ima čez 7 milijonov ogledov. Vsi pravijo da sem…

Games Creator

Kinda Kong of kings, if some ape had wings,

bored of locks, but own a board of keys,

will burst free through doors none see,

blown to odyssey above the pixel seas,

never cease this boolean push and pull,

where one is all, and none may rule..

To all things greater, such is Games Creator.